Umrah with Turkey holiday Packages 2019

Umrah Package with Trip to Turkey in 2019

The Umrah Package along with the tour to Turkey in 2019 is one of Chahal Travels’ most sought after packages. We have structured this Umrah package knowing that there is a rise in the trend to visit Turkey among Pakistani citizens. Nowadays, people have busy lives, and they like to make the most out of their vacations.
Increasingly so, Pakistanis are making travel a goal in life as well. There is nothing better to compliment the Umrah, which is an act of worship to develop yourself spiritually with a trip to Turkey that could enhance your range of experiences. Our Umrah and trip to Turkey- 2019 package bunches all these great experiences and adventures for our clients. Turkey being a Muslim country is the ideal place to visit, before or after your Umrah devotion.

Package Hotels List
Keswah Towers Karam Golden | Silver 300m Sinem Hotel Istanbul
Duration Nights In Makkah Nights In Madinah Quad Tripple Double Nights in Istanbul Per Person
9 Nights 3 3 26950 28948 33055 3 17120
13 Nights 6 3 29170 31834 37495 4 19494
14 Nights 5 4 29725 32611 38605 5 21867
20 Nights 6 8 35645 40529 50334 6 24240
Note The present price list is intended per person in PKR. The prices mentioned above will remain valid till April, 2019
Packages Include Accommodation as per package, Umrah and Turkey Visa Assistance and Transportation.
Package Hotels List
Keswah Towers Anwar Madina | Zahrat Al Taawn 300m ART City Hotel Istanbul
Duration Nights In Makkah Nights In Madinah Quad Tripple Double Nights in Istanbul Per Person
9 Nights 3 3 25174 26506 29922 3 18010
13 Nights 6 3 27394 29392 33943 4 20680
14 Nights 5 4 27357 29355 33869 5 23350
20 Nights 6 8 28909 34017 40973 6 26020
Note The present price list is intended per person in PKR. The prices mentioned above will remain valid till April, 2019
Packages Include Accommodation as per package, Umrah and Turkey Visa Assistance and Transportation.


Turkish and Umrah Visa Processing

Chahal Travels provides our fellow Pakistani Muslims with a great chance to utilize their vacations optimally. In the same go, you would be refurnishing your soul with an Umrah and fulfilling your vacation dream of visiting Turkey. Chahal Travels would assist in getting you the Turkish visa as quickly as possible for your Umrah package with a Turkey visit. Umrah visas also take some time to be issued by the embassy, but with our expertise, we are confident that your permits will arrive well in time of your flight out of Pakistan. We have handled complicated cases before and have successfully convinced embassies to issue visas to our customers in a matter of weeks, if not days.

Also, the complimentary transit visa with seven days stay in Turkey is issued to Pakistani nationals who are traveling with Turkish Airlines to Saudi Arabia for Umrah provided that they have a valid Umrah visa and are not banned already from visiting Turkey.

Design your itinerary to perform Umrah and Trip to Turkey

The plan can be customized in two ways for your Umrah and Turkey travel package: One travel route could be from Islamabad to Jeddah and then to Turkey, and another flight plan can be from Islamabad to Turkey and then to Jeddah.

Airlines that fly to Jeddah and Istanbul

Many reputed airlines are currently running their flight operations on these routes. Among the airline options, the preferred one is Saudia and Turkish Airlines, since they have a higher quality of service. More economical and budget-friendly airlines like PIA and AirBlue also provide reliable services to get you to Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Number of days to perform Umrah and visit Turkey

Your stay can range from one week to months. Usually, people seek packages for one month, which gives them plenty of time to perform the Umrah and take a tour of Turkey. Our Umrah and Turkey Package would be customized according to the spiritual needs and travel wishes of the clients. So, it is entirely up to you as to how many days you would like to spend in Mecca, Medina and Istanbul and in whichever order.

Best time to go for Umrah along the trip to Turkey

The best time to plan your Umrah with a trip to Turkey is in either the spring or late autumn. Even though many pilgrims want to visit Mecca and Medina in December or January when the weather is more relaxed, but Turkey’s high season starts in the summer. A good compromise is planning your Umrah plus Turkey vacation in March or October when you can enjoy both seasons. It would not be sweltering in Mecca nor will Turkey look less festive in the time mentioned above.

Hotels in Mecca, Medina and Istanbul

There are three to five-star hotels available in Mecca, Medina and Istanbul. We suggest the best hotels for our customers according to their budget constraints and the level of peace and comfort they require. Every hotel we propose provides modern amenities and quality time to the travelers during their stay. We mainly focus on the distance between the Haram, in Mecca and Masjid-e-Nabwi, in Medina and your hotel for the ease of travel. The hotels we offer our clients when they visit Turkey are also close to tourist attractions like the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia and the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul. It ensures easy access to the tourist destination and peace of mind during their travels.

Meet and greet at the airport

We offer all sorts of airport transfers including the transfer from Jeddah Airport to the hotel in Mecca and return to Jeddah Airport from Mecca. The travel services are complimentary on local buses, but if you require a private car for your transfers, it can also be arranged on request. Further, airport transfers can also be arranged from Istanbul New Airport.

The Umrah Experience

Umrah is sacred worship for all Muslims. Umrah pilgrimage can be a blessing for believers, who can travel to Saudi Arabia at their own pace and perform the Umrah in their free time, and in the cooler months of the year. Umrah though is not an obligatory act of worship in Islam, but it intensifies our faith in Allah and renews our vows and goals in life. Reading the Quran in the verandas of the Masjid-e-Nabwi and performing Tawaf of the Kaba’ah are intensely spiritual and soul cleansing experiences that refresh your mind, body and soul.

Things to Do and Places to Go in Turkey

Turkey’s beaches, its resorts and tourist attractions are stunning and relaxing. Their tourism industry has been thriving for decades. The professionals working in their hotel industry are very well equipped to tend to your needs and wishes. Istanbul is where most of our clients land first when visiting the country.

The turquoise minarets of the Blue Mosque, which can be seen from everywhere in the city, call the tourist towards the mosque’s beauty. The Hagia Sophia, which is a museum of Turkish culture and history but was once a mosque and a cathedral, still amazes all who step into the corridors of the centuries-old building.

Besides that, Chahal Travels and Tours has the leverage to design your complete trip to Turkey. Find a happy way to end your day by immersing in the views of European and Asian coastlines during a Bosphorus Cruise Trip. Relish the authentic Turkish cuisine over the clam cerulean waters and enjoy gripping performances as a part of the cruise dinner. Another mesmerizing voyage that can be part of your trip is the Princess Island Tour. Take the ferry and escape from the bustle of the city to quaint island. Hop on the one day trip to Cappadocia and enjoy the breathtaking Hot Air Balloon Flight while admiring the beauty of the top attractions of the city. Travel by Cable Car in Bursa for the perfect bird's eye view of the mosques of the ancient town. And the list goes on.

Turkey is, however, more than just Istanbul. Ankara is the seat of government and has the world-famous Museum of Anatolia. Izmir, on the other hand, is renowned for its clock tower, Roman ruins and, of course, the velvet kebabs that most Pakistanis enjoy very much. You can also enjoy a performance by the Turkish orchestra in the sinking Basilica Cistern, soothe your nerves by bathing in the cotton white limestone terraces of Pamukkale or take a dive into the Aegean Sea to discover a whole new world in the Turkish waters. Due to our common cultural heritage, Pakistanis are able to appreciate the Turkish culture more and pick up their social cues quickly. The food is always Halal and safe to eat, which is a sigh of relief for all Muslim tourists.

Round the Clock Customer Support Services

The experience of more than a decade in this arena of travel and tourism industry enables our team to provide you with continuous support throughout your trip. We ensure our dedicated services from the moment you consult us for the first time till the time you complete your journey and return home safely. Our consultants take care of your flight schedules, check-in and check-out timings at hotels and airport transport as well. We will also be happy to guide you beyond our domain of services.

Our Distinctions – Budget, Quality and Comfort

To be precise, our full-time support, guidance and attention to detail make our services stand out from others in the market. In the presence of numerous travel agencies in Pakistan, we strive for the quality and comfort of our customers and make their Umrah Packages with Turkey stay a unique experience. We aim to hold on to our customers instead of focusing on profit margins. Buy building a relationship we can assess your needs and are better ready to serve you with your next booking. Customer retention is our primary goal, so we plan your trip in light of your needs and requirements and help you explore the world within your budget. It helps us connect with our clients, like a family, for the long term.

Our team devises strategies to offer cumulative discounts for first-timers, families and newlywed couples. We strive to make your trip remarkable by ensuring your comfort throughout the journey. Our focus is on the utmost satisfaction of each of your family member taking the tour with you.

We also offer promotional and discounted prices for people who book the Umrah plus Turkey vacation package well in advance. If you consult our travel agents well before time, we can personalize your itinerary in the best possible manner with a variety of alternatives to choose from and offer you and your family/group discounts.


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