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Moving out of your comfort zone for travelling to a whole new world is adventurous and ultimately, gives rise to concerns and queries. So, it’s better to remove all the smoke and mirrors about travelling abroad. Whether you are a new traveler or a globetrotter, there is always something in the destination, travelling schedules, rules and regulation that you are curious about. We are here to help you stay current so any kind of travel hassles can be avoided. For questions frequent and otherwise, this section is to clear your doubts, if any

Nonstop flight doesn’t involve touchdown en route whereas a direct flight, may indulge in a brief touchdown, whether for aircraft shifting, or immigration etc.

Charter flight is a part of a package offered by the holiday company and is operated on specific dates. These tend to be cheaper and ordinary in-flight entertainment whereas scheduled flights are operated by particular airline on regular basis. It operates on a pre-decided schedule.

Baggage allowance is referred to as amount of luggage a traveler is allowed to carry on his/her flight. Currently, weight or piece system is used to measure the check in luggage. In addition, each passenger may carry one piece of hand luggage, subject to certain weight and size restrictions. Certain articles may not be carried in hand baggage. Excess baggage is normally charged for, and is only carried subject to space being available on your flight.

Be it an age of digital media, many travelers still seem to doubt the validity and features of a widely used travel document known as e-ticket. It is basically the paperless/electronic document issued to you when you make reservation with a particular airline. Almost all the major airlines now use this mode of ticketing seats.

When you have made the booking, you will receive an email confirmation containing all the information regarding to your itinerary. Moreover, presenting this email will allow you to check in to your flight. In addition to that, a valid passport, country’s visa and government issued ID is required at all levels during travel.

You can fill in the desired fields in the hotels area and search engine will appear with most suited accommodation that matches your needs and requirements.

Whether you search online or speak to travel experts at Chahal Travels, you will need to mention the number of adults, children and infants with you.

There may be an additional charge for any special requests. You can always put forward your request to your travel agent while booking ticket online so your request can be extended to the hotel. Special requests may not always be promised until you arrive at your desired location.

Credit card or debit card: your credit card or debit card will be charged the total amount of the reservation immediately.

In most cases this is due to the expiration of the browsing session. If you have completed the booking, please wait at least 30 minutes and check your inbox to see if you have received a confirmation email. If you have not received the confirmation email, please contact our Customer Care Team timely.

If you have not received the confirmation of your reservation within 48 hours of making the request, please contact our Customer Care Team operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One of our agents will verify the status of your reservation and send you, where applicable, confirmation of the purchase.

This solely depends upon the destinations and their currents offers for group discounts. This can’t be ensured prior to booking.

Please print a copy of your confirmation e-mail to present at check-in as proof of your reservation. You may also need to provide photo ID and the card used at the time of booking.

Generally speaking, mostly hotels have standard check in time which is 1400 on the day of arrival and check out at 12 noon on the day of departure. Keep in view; this standard time may vary from hotel to hotel.


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