Umrah Plus Dubai Tour Package


Umrah Package with Trip to Dubai in 2019

Chahal Travels is proud to introduce the Umrah and Dubai tour package to our customers. Dubai being a financial hub of the region and a melting pot of many cultures is an appealing destination to visit for many Pakistanis. Many of our customers like to shop in the arcades of Dubai and want to visit the city on their way back from Umrah.
Our lives have become busier. Most of us plan our days down to minutes. When we do get days off, we expect to make the most of this time and what better way to utilise your next vacation by performing an Umrah and then visiting the glittering city of Dubai for some fun and recreation. Our Umrah with Dubai package from Pakistan is a bit more unique from the rest. Please keep reading if you want to know more.

Package Hotels List
Keswah Towers Karam Golden | Silver 300m Delmon Boutique Dubai
Duration Nights In Makkah Nights In Madinah Quad Tripple Double Nights in Dubai Per Person
9 Nights 3 3 26950 28948 33055 3 35500
13 Nights 6 3 29170 31834 37495 4 41500
14 Nights 5 4 29725 32611 38605 5 44500
20 Nights 6 8 35645 40529 50334 6 49900
Note The present price list is intended per person in PKR. The prices mentioned above will remain valid till April, 2019
Packages Include Accommodation as per package, Umrah and Dubai Visa Assistance and Transportation.
Package Hotels List
Keswah Towers Anwar Madina | Zahrat Al Taawn 300m Al Farej Hotel Dubai
Duration Nights In Makkah Nights In Madinah Quad Tripple Double Nights in Dubai Per Person
9 Nights 3 3 25174 26506 29922 3 36400
13 Nights 6 3 27394 29392 33943 4 42700
14 Nights 5 4 27357 29355 33869 5 49000
20 Nights 6 8 28909 34017 40973 6 55300
Note The present price list is intended per person in PKR. The prices mentioned above will remain valid till April, 2019
Packages Include Accommodation as per package, Umrah and Dubai Visa Assistance and Transportation.


UAE and Umrah Visa Processing

Our travelling agency assists you in getting your Umrah and UAE visa quickly and without hassle. The Umrah Visa usually does not take that much time to process, but applying for one as early as possible can allow us to prepare a better plan for your vacation. Similarly, a visit visa to the UAE is also not an extremely time-consuming process. Being a renowned agency, we have relationships with many agencies in the industry that can help in accelerating your visa process.

Customise your Umrah and Dubai Package

You can design your Umrah package by keeping in mind the following points. Please note that Chahal Travels allows you to customise our packages, the way you see fit. This includes the option of visiting Dubai before, or perhaps even after your Umrah pilgrimage.

Which airlines offer flights for Umrah and trip to Dubai?

The Middle East, fortunately, has become a global hub of air travel. Airlines like the Emirates, Saudia and Etihad provide routes to the Gulf States from Pakistan. Our national carrier, PIA and Air Blue also operate flights to Jeddah, Medina and Dubai and offer cheaper airfares. However, we recommend that you choose from among the Middle Eastern airlines for a better flight experience.

How long does it take to perform the Umrah and tour Dubai?

As mentioned above, the duration of your tour depends entirely on the customer’s wishes. Most customers plan a month-long vacation for Umrah and a Dubai visit, but others like to customise their vacation according to their needs. A quick Umrah plus Dubai holiday might reserve three to four days each at Mecca, Medina and Dubai. Also, consult our expert travel agents if you require advice.

What is the best time to perform Umrah and go on a trip to Dubai?

The best time to have a Dubai visit and an Umrah vacation is in the winter – in the months between November and February. During these times the sun only but warms the cities in your tour. The Arabian Peninsula is known for its hot summers, but some people opt to perform the Umrah in those times as well, as the accommodation cost and airfares drop significantly.

Which hotels and accommodation options are available to me in the package of Umrah with tour to Dubai?

There is a plethora of economy hotels and luxury resorts in and around Mecca, Medina and Dubai. We usually provide our clients with a list of hotels classified from the most luxurious to the least expensive. You can choose which hotel to check-in according to your budget. We, however, advise our customers to select the closest hotels to Masjid-e-Nabwi, particularly to the north of the mosque if you have senior women travelling with you. Choosing a hotel close to the Haram also lessens the travel time, cuts your transport costs and provides you with easy access to the Holy sites. Similarly, we recommend booking comfortable rooms in hotels near the downtown area in Dubai, where the Burj Khalifa is in view, and the Mall of Dubai is only a short taxi ride away.

Should I expect Meet and Greet services at the airport?

All the transfers from the airports to the hotels are provided complimentarily by the agency. This includes the transfers from the airport in Jeddah to your hotel in Mecca and the commute between Dubai International Airport and the hotel in Dubai. These travel services are offered on local buses and public transport, but if you require a more private and comfortable arrangement, that too can indeed be catered.

The Umrah Experience

The Umrah can introduce us to the closeness of Allah which can only be felt in the Haram. As Muslims, our spiritual evolution speeds up when we go around the Kaba’ah and watch the green dome of our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) for the first time. Visiting Mecca and Medina for an Umrah, in the winter, when the sun is not that hot, or in the month of Ramadan when the bounties of Our Lord are descending from the heavens, is an experience unlike any other.

The Sights and Sounds of Dubai

Dubai is the only megacity in the Muslim World. The skyscrapers and the shining buildings of the city are a symbol of the prosperity the region has witnessed over the last four decades, thanks to the petroleum exports that the world is so heavily dependent on for energy. There are world-class restaurants and hotels in Dubai where award-winning chefs prepare the most mouthwatering dishes. Recently developed, the Burj Khalifa has become the symbol of Dubai and a site where the city celebrates its New Year festivities. You could plan an Umrah in the month of December or January so that you can observe the famous New Year fireworks and laser lights standing by the dancing fountains of Dubai.

Being part of the Muslim world, we as Pakistanis understand the cultures and traditions of the people of the UAE. Our shared interests and globalised visions allow us to find happiness and joy in the humour and celebrations of the Emiratis. There is always something to do in Dubai. How about having your first skydiving experience in the skies above the Palm Dubai? Snorkelling and diving into the Arabian Sea to observe the vibrant marine life and dining in the posh restaurants of Dubai will be your favourite pass times when you are in the city.

Global Village, Yas Island, Desert Safari, Ferrari World are some of the notable highlights that you can include in your trip to Dubai.

24/7 Customer Support by the Team of Experts

Our team of experts is our greatest asset. We have been part of the travel industry for more than a decade, and we cherish and learn from our past experiences that help us retain new customers. We intend to provide you support from the instant you employ our services. Our experts remain at your disposal until you come back to Pakistan. We keep tabs on your checking timing, and any rescheduled flights and keep you informed accordingly.

Our Distinctions – Budget, Quality and Flexibility

Chahal Travels provides our customers with a sound plan with the cheapest airfares. Our programs are flexible and the number of days you want to spend worshipping and vacationing depends on you. With us, you can go to Saudi Arabia for the Umrah before or after you relax in Dubai. During your stay, we will arrange you the best hotel according to your budget that could preferably provide you with full board meals. We are going to make your tour of Dubai even more comfortable and relaxing so that you can enjoy the desert Safaris and shop in the great malls in Dubai. We can help our clients to get a visa in a quick and timely fashion.

Apart from that, we also offer discounts and waive off prices for families, first-timers and newlyweds. Our only request is that you approach us at least a few months before you plan to travel so that you could avail these discounts and provide us the time to personalise your tour plan down to the very last detail. We encourage you to call us or better yet visit us and consult our expert travel agents for a great Umrah and Dubai trip.

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