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Cheap flights to Al Ain
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Which Airlines Fly To Al Ain From Pakistan?

  • Etihad Airways
  • Gulf Air
  • Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

Are There Any Direct Flights For Al Ain From Pakistan?

At present, there are no airlines offering non-stop Al Ain flights from Pakistan. Connecting flights for Al Ain are available from major airports in Pakistan. Connecting flights are offered by Etihad Airways, Gulf Air and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

How Long Is A Flight To Al Ain From Pakistan?

  • From Islamabad to Al Ain, the minimum flight duration is 7 hours and 10 minutes on an indirect flight with Etihad Airways. Abu Dhabi is the stopover.

  • From Lahore to Al Ain, the shortest connecting flight is offered by Etihad Airways. It takes a total of 6 hours and 55 minutes for Etihad Airways flight to reach Al Ain via Abu Dhabi.

  • From Karachi, Etihad Airways offers the minimum time on indirect flights to Al Ain - 8 hours and 40 minutes only. Abu Dhabi is the default stopover for Etihad Airways flight.

  • From Peshawar, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Etihad Airways offer code-shared flights to Al Ain that take 14 hours and 55 minutes minimum. These are two stopovers - Riyadh and Abu Dhabi.

  • The minimum flight duration from Quetta to Al Ain is 9 hours and 20 minutes on a code-shared flight with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Etihad Airways. This is a two-stop flight that flies via Lahore and Abu Dhabi.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Al Ain?

From late October to the end days of March, Al Ain offers the most tourist-friendly climate characterised by pleasant, mild afternoons and cold nights. October to March comprises the winter season. Hence, it attracts the greatest crowds because summers are unbearably hot and hinder outdoor activities and sightseeing. The mean daytime temperature in Al Ain is 22 during these months. Apart from the weather factor, Al Ain is also crowded during the holy month of Ramadan, Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha. Al Ain Winter Festival is also held during this time of the year.

Which Is The Cheapest Time Of Year To Fly To Al Ain?

Thinking of travelling to Al Ain on a budget? Why not travel during the summer season? Yes, the weather is hot and dry, but airfares may be expected to drop during June, July, and August. The low-season translates to easy availability of accommodations, discounted holiday packages and last-minute cheap flights to Al Ain.

Which Is The Major International Airport In Al Ain?

About half an hour drive from central Al Ain, Al Ain International Airport is the receiving airport for cheap flights to Al Ain from Pakistan. AAN is the IATA code for this airport. The airport ranks as the fifth busiest airport in the entire United Arab Emirates.

What Are The Main Tourist Attractions In Al Ain?

Al Ain Palace Museum:
It is a truth universally acknowledged that every Pakistani holds a special reverence for Arabian culture and heritage, and is eager to learn about it. Part of a bigger architectural wonder – the palace – the museum offers an aesthetic and interactive experience to its visitors. Take a closer inspection of rare artefacts and galleries relevant to the history of the Arab world.

Jebel Hafeet:
The 2nd highest mountain in the United Arab Emirates touches the borders of Oman and gets much attention from hikers and trekkers. Dirt biking has become a major activity here. Hike your way to the summit. There is a hotel waiting for you up there!

Al Ain Oasis:
A popular picnic place for a family’s day out, the oasis features bicycle tracks, nature trails, spots for bar b cue, fast food stalls and a cultural quarter. A perfect place to unwind, the oasis is the first name that pops up in mind when one seeks an outdoor place of recreation that is not expensive and amusing at the same time.

Al Ain Zoo:
The zoo houses over 200 species of both mammals and birds and serves as a conservation centre for these animal species as well. The zoo authorities spare no effort in providing the most natural and relevant environment unique to each animal. Navigate your way to your favourite animal and observe it in its natural habitat. Take photographs and watch feeding sessions.

Which Are The Best Hotels In Al Ain For Travellers?
  • Hilton Al Ain - 4-star
  • Ayla Hotel - 4-star
  • Asfar Resort - 3-star
  • Al MASSA Hotel - 2-star

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