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Which Airlines Fly To Turkey From Pakistan?

  • Oman Air
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Gulf Air
  • Qatar Airways
  • FlyDubai
  • Emirates

Which Airlines Operate Direct Flights To Turkey?

  • Turkish Airlines offer a direct flight from Islamabad to Turkey's Istanbul airport. The direct flight provided by Turkish Airlines is operated every day and takes off early in the morning.
  • Turkish Airline also offers a direct flight service between Istanbul and Lahore. The flight is also operated early in the morning and is available every day of the week. You can take a flight to any corner of Turkey after reaching Istanbul.
  • Turkish Airlines also trumps at providing a nonstop flight service from Karachi to Istanbul New Airport. This flight also operates early in the morning at around six o’clock and is available all seven days of the week. Please contact our agent to know the exact timings of the flight.

What Is The Minimum Flight Duration From Pakistan To Turkey?

  • The minimum flight duration from Islamabad to Istanbul is 6 hour and 5 minutes, which is the duration of the nonstop flight offered by Turkish Airlines. Emirates and Qatar Airways compete for the shortest connecting flight route between these two cities. Both airlines take the passenger from Islamabad to Istanbul in 11 hours. The stay at Dubai or Doha is about 2 hour either way.
  • If the passenger is travelling from Lahore to Istanbul, the shortest flight duration would be of the direct flight offered by Turkish Airlines, which is six hours and fifteen minutes. However, the indirect flights are 11 hours 10 minutes long. Etihad and Emirates contest on this route with their flight durations falling within 5 minutes of each other.
  • Apart from the six-hour and 20-minute direct flight from Karachi to Turkey’s largest city Istanbul, the shortest connecting flight is provided by Emirates which is only 8 hours and 30 minutes long. A close second is Qatar Airways that brings the passenger to Istanbul New Airport in about 9 hours, via Doha.
  • The minimum flight duration of the connecting flight from Peshawar to the Turkish city of Istanbul is about 9 hours and 45 minutes. The title of the shortest route from Peshawar to Turkey is claimed by Gulf Air and Qatar Airways in different months of the year.
  • From Quetta to Turkey, the minimum flight duration is a bit longer than most cities. The flight to Istanbul New Airport from Quetta is 14 hours and 5 minutes long. The passenger needs to travel to Jinnah Airport in Karachi and then take a Qatar Airways flight to Istanbul after a lengthy stopover.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Turkey?

Most tourists flock to the warm beaches of Turkey in the summer. The summer can be too hot especially in July and August, but that does not prevent some tourists to bask in the sunny rays over Izmir, Ankara or Istanbul. The ideal time then, to visit Turkey would be from April to June and then from September to November. Though the country gets a bit crowded during the above mentioned period, the parks, beaches, shopping malls and store are more enjoyable during this time. The temperature zigzags between 20°C to 27°C throughout these months and there is little rain experienced in the country in the summer.

Which Is The Cheapest Time Of Year To Fly To Turkey?

November to January is the time to visit Turkey for those who are on a budget. Turkey is a large country dotted with the snow-capped mountains and winter escapes. Especially the cities and towns near the Taurus Mountains are famous for their ski resorts and winter charms. Although a snow-blanketed Turkey is just as charming as the sun-baked beaches of the country, tourist inflow hits an all year low in the winter. With fewer guests to book the empty hotel rooms and vacant aircraft seats, the travelling expenses go well below the summertime expenditures, making these winter months the cheapest time to visit Turkey.

Which Is The Main International Airport In Turkey?

Turkey has a key geographic location. The country is at the cusp of the Asian and European continent giving it easy access to all five continents of the globe, especially by air travel. Turkey has a total of thirty-six international airports. The Three most notable airports are listed as follows.

  • The Istanbul New Airport (ISL) is the largest airport in the world, as of December 2018. The airport has now been partially opened and is due to be completed by 2023. In the first year, however, it is said to service 90 million passengers, a number which is supposed to rise each year up to 200 million at the time of the airport's completion. The Istanbul New Airport is sometimes referred to as Istanbul’s Third Airport as well. The airport is all set to manage 2000 flights per day and is destined to replace the old Ataturk Airport (IST).
  • Esenboga International Airport (ESB) is the airport that serves the city of Ankara. Being the airport of the capital of the Turkish State, Esenboga International receives a lot of passenger traffic, and in 2017 the airport served 15.8 million passengers. Esenboga Airport is about 25 kilometres from the city centre of Ankara which amounts to be a 26-minute ride by car.
  • Antalya Airport (AYT), as the name suggests, serves the city of Antalya in Turkey. The airport is 13 kilometres from the city centre, and about 26 million passengers used the airport in 2017. If you are coming to Turkey in the summer for the famous beaches, Antalya Airport would probably be your touchdown airfield. Fortunately for the tourists, the Antalya tramway and bus network connects the airport to the city at large.
What Are The Major Tourist Attractions In Turkey?

Turkey is enriched in culture and tradition. Pakistanis going to Turkey enjoy the stay there because of the common Muslim heritage and culture. Turkey has an almost endless beach line and refreshing hilly resorts. Most of all, Turkey has Istanbul, the most beautiful city in the world, nestled between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

  • Blue Mosque
    Sultan Ahmed or the Blue Mosque is the one tourist destination that has needs to be visited by every tourist that comes to Istanbul. From every corner of the bustling city centre, one can see the pencil-shaped six minarets of the Blue Mosque. The mosque is entirely functional, and most Muslim visitors make it a point to pray once on the red velvety carpets of the mosque’s inner chamber. Upon its construction in the early 17th century, the Blue Mosque made a lasting impression on the Muslim architecture. The layout of the mosque and the cerulean hue of the structure still inspire many who lay their sight on this magnificent and historic building.
  • Grand Bazaar
    The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is one of the oldest bazaars in the world. The bazaar complex has a total of 4000 shops, and on any given day there could be at least two hundred and fifty thousand visitors pacing through the bazaar’s spacious corridors. The Grand Bazaar is the world’s first shopping mall and has a history dating back to the 1450s. In the aisles, the visitor can find small kiosks for coffee, drinking fountains, ornate lanterns, textiles, carpets, spices, books and the most enticing smell of Turkish tea brewing somewhere in the corner. The Grand Bazaar remains an integral part of Turkish social life.
  • Dolmabahce Palace
    Dolmabahce Palace was the residence of the Ottoman Caliph in Istanbul. Of all the palaces constructed for the Ottoman Sultan, Dolmabahce Palace was the largest and the most luxurious in the country. Influenced by the European styles and palaces of the time, the palace’s architecture is a mixture of both Turkish Islamic and European Baroque and Neoclassical design. Elaborately painted gilded ceilings, pillars and hallways make the Dolmabahce Palace a fitting place where the rich history of Turkey resides.
  • Duden Waterfalls
    The Deden Waterfalls are a system of waterfalls in Antalya, Turkey. The waterfalls are divided into the Upper and Lower Duden Waterfalls. The upper waterfall is humanmade. The waters that feed the waterfall come from a subterranean system of rivers that at places emerge out of the ground and then fall into sinkholes. Some of the water is collected out of the Biyikli Sinkhole and used to generate electricity. The run off of the power plant creates the Upper Dudden falls where the water cascades in a picturesque park and then joins its natural course to the lower Duden Waterfalls that plunge straight into the Mediterranean.
  • Konyaaltı Beach
    Konyaaltı Beach is one of the most visited and fantastic beaches in all of Turkey. The pine trees grow right till the edge of the beach. The inward crescent of the warm sandy beach welcomes all to join the fun. There are dance clubs, bars, hotels and parks along the entire stretch of the beach making this an amusement hotspot for everyone. The beach is diligently patrolled by lifeguards and comes along with free showers and changing rooms.
Which Are The Best Hotels In Turkey For Travellers?
  • HMA Apart Hotel (3-star)
  • Hotel Pirat (3-star)
  • White Garden Pansion (3-star)
  • Hotel Zinbad(3-star)
  • Ibis Adana (3-star)
  • Holiday Inn Antalya - Lara (4-star)
  • Puding Marina Residence (4-star)
  • La Boutique Hotel Antalya (4-star)
  • Club Hotel Falcon (4-star)
  • Grand Okan Hotel (4-star)

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